Matthew Kilford 


Matthew Kilford is a musician who composes music for video games & animation. He wrote the soundtrack for the award winning Evil Twin Artworks on their Warhammer Naval Battle video game "Man O' War Corsair".

In 2017 & 2018 while working on “Man O’ War Corsair” BAFTA chose Matthew to be part of The BAFTA Games Crew.

Matthew has also contributed to the Channel 4 River Cottage App "Get Foraging" and currently records music for BBC Radio. He also works closely with Animation Station composing music for short films and documentaries as well as releasing music library albums.

In 2019 Matthew is currently writing production music for BMG and continuing providing audio for the BBC.

He also recently completed a score for a short film directed by Tom Weston-Jones (Warrior NETFLIX, Dickensian BBC ONE)

As a musician and songwriter he has been writing and performing for over 20 years with coverage on BBC Radio 1 & 6 Music. 

Matthew's "to the moon" video project where he performed new material in beautiful and unusual locations can be found in the 'media' section on this site.




Video Games and Animations




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Video Game Music

by Matthew Kilford